WATCH: AFR Rich List’s Radek Sali On What It Takes To Reach The Top

Radek Sali

Money can’t buy you happiness. If you’re foolish enough to think that it can then, well, we wish you good luck ‘cos there sure as hell ain’t enough mansions, yachts and Wedgwood table settings in the world to fill the crippling void you’ll inevitably develop (#soznotsoz).

BUTTTTTT, we reckon money can definitely be used as one of the many metrics used to define success. Like, you can’t just amass a fortune off the back of sheer dumb luck, people. Blood, sweat and tears are poured into the efforts of those whose bank accounts contain digits with several zeros – and it’s their effort to build such wealth, not the wealth itself, that makes them worthy of your admiration.

This is why we’ve got a whole lotta time, and why you should have a whole lotta time, for a gentleman who goes by the name of Radek Sali.

Coming in at 191 on the Australian Financial Review’s 2017 Rich List with an aggressively impressive estimated wealth of $372 million, Radek Sali is one of our nation’s most celebrated CEOs. Long story short (but trust us, you should look into the long story), he took on the head honcho role at Swisse Wellness, navigated it through a pretty sizeable slump, recognised a growing demand for its products in the Asian market, before spearheading its sale for a whopping $1.67 billion. He then took the profits he made from selling his personal stake in Swisse and has now launched his own investment firm, Light Warrior.

So yeah, the dude knows what’s up. Do yourself a favour and watch the video below to soak up some of his incredible wisdom/awesomeness.

As a La Trobe alumni, Sali truly is a home-grown success story – and we’ve got no doubts you’ll be one too. Head to La Trobe’s website HERE to learn how they can get you career-ready.