Compare Your Expensive-Ass Rent To The Average In Each Capital City & Cry

Some new data from Domain‘s Quarterly Rental Report has revealed the change in average rental price for each of Australia‘s capital cities over the March quarter. In other words, it’s a good time to compare what you’re paying against your city’s average.

In terms of gnarly increases, Hobart copped the biggest one, with the median weekly asking rent going up by 15.1 per cent over the year to $420. Units copped it slightly less, rising 14.8 per cent to $350 per week.

Canberra took the second-biggest increase, with houses up by 6 per cent to $530 per week, and units slightly behind at a 5.9 per cent increase to $450 per week.

In terms of the country’s most expensive city, Sydney house rentals haven’t moved at all, staying at $550 per week. Units on the other hand have increased by 3.8 per cent to the same price of $550 per week.

Melbourne‘s housing change was a little higher, going up by 2.4 per cent to $430 per week, and units up by a higher 3.8 per cent to $410 per week.

You can check all the movements in the table below.

Median weekly asking rents*
Houses 12-month change: Units 12-month change:
Sydney $550 per week 0.0% $550 per week +3.8%
Melbourne $430 per week +2.4% $410 per week +3.8%
Brisbane $400 per week -1.2% $375 per week -1.3%
Adelaide $375 per week +4.2% $300 per week +1.7%
Perth $355 per week -4.1% $300 per week 0.0%
Canberra $530 per week +6.0% $450 per week +5.9%
Darwin $530 per week -3.6% $410 per week -2.4%
Hobart $420 per week +15.1% $350 per week +14.8%