Here’s Your First Look At The Brand New $50 Note Coming Out This Year

Like its 5 and 10 dollar cousins, the 50 dollar note is getting a fresh new look that’s expected to show up later this year.

The new design was revealed today by The Reserve Bank, who call it the “next generation” $50 banknote. You can suss it out in the pics below.

Like its predecessor, the note features portraits of Aboriginal inventor and writer, David Unaipon, and the first female MP of Australia, Edith Cowan.

Expected to be released into the wild in October this year, the fresh fiddy will include new security features that make it harder to produce counterfeits, like the top-to-bottom window with a reversing number, along with other dynamic features.

“Improved security and ease of recognition underpin the design of the new $50 banknote,” Governor Philip Lowe said in a statement. “With the release of the $5 and $10 during the past two years, we are confident the Australian public are becoming familiar with the new banknote security features.”

Excerpts from Mr Unaipon’s book and Ms Cowan’s maiden parliamentary speech are also featured on the note in microprint.

The Reserve bank is currently working with banknote equipment manufacturers and retailers to make sure ATMs and other machines will be ready to handle the new note when it drops. Like the fiver and tenner, the original notes can still be used.

The sweet 20 buck note is the next in line for an upgrade next year, leaving the rare and lonely $100 bill as the last of the old bunch.