How To Make Extra Pocket Money In Your Spare Time Without Hating Your Life

Easy Ways To Make Extra Money In Your Spare Time That You Won't Hate

Life is expensive. The side hustle is nothing new to our Gen, in fact for a lot of us it’s basically a necessity. We have our main job to pay for the rent and bills sure, but if we ever want to build a decent savings account, we need a little extra money on the side to make it happen. The catch is we don’t always have the time, or let’s be honest, the energy to take on another gig. Because, you know, we’re human and all.

But what if you didn’t need a lot of time to pocket some extra dosh? What if you didn’t even need to get off your butt? These things definintely won’t get you a regular income, or be sustainable as a main source of income, but by golly they’ll help pay for those treat yo’self moments. Hello avo toast!

Website Testing

I’m going to be honest, I was so sure this would end up being an American thing, but being the good journalist I am I signed up to a couple and being in Australia wasn’t an issue. The Money Pantry has a good list of websites you can sign up to.

What you will need is an internet connection (which may actually be a proble in this country, amiright?), a microphone and the ability to screen capture, although apparently a lot of the companies you sign up to will provide that for you. You can set your own availability too. Happy testing!


I put this one in the same category as website testing, but great for a few extra bucks and flexible times. The problem with this one is that there are a lot of scams out there posing as paid survey sites and you should definintely avoid them. Here’s a list of the best legit websites so you can make good choices.

Interest On Bank Accounts

Your money is probably sitting in a bank account anyway, so I for one kind of enjoy the idea of that money earning money while it’s sitting there. Of course atm I think I earn a grand total of about $10 a year, but that’s because I’ve never asked actual money professionals about my best options. We should all probably do that. And still, that’s $10 I didn’t have before.

Make An Investment

Try that whole spend a little to get a little more thing. I’ve listened to 4:44, Jay Z is all about this stuff. Straight up, I do not understand shares at all. But at some point in the last 2 years everyone I know seems to have worked it out and bought some? But there are other things to look into. Like a house, if you can actually afford it. Or, because you probably can’t, something like getting in on some art before the artist blows. Do some research, get some professional finacial advice, and get all grown up with investmenty things. Like real adults.

Sell Your Old Stuff

or because invesments seem like a BIG deal, embrace the marketplace that is Gumtree and Ebay. Anything old can be new to someone else and there’s a whole bunch of people eager to spend less oney on your decent second-hand junk than ful price in stores. You won’t get your original price back of course, but if you’ve got something just lysing around, why not turn it into pocket money?

Old furniture, clothes, instruments, kitchen utensils, whatever. Books too of course, although that’s hard to write for me because in my family selling of books is almost akin to selling off children because we’re a bunch of nerds. But maybe just the bad ones?

Warning though, make people meet you in a public place. I had an absolutely crazy person message me about a dress I was selling once and I’m still just SO glad I realised they were insane just before I told them where I lived. Safety first.