How Not To Budget Your Money, From Someone Who’s Notoriously Bad With Their Finances

Budgeting tips

I am an (almost) 31-year-old woman living her best, single life. I live in a great house, with a job that doesn’t drain my soul. I have friends and a local barista who knows my coffee order and no children or dog to be responsible for and an impeccable wardrobe.

I am not, however, great with money. I am not an (almost) 31-year-old woman with a house or a car or a fat bank account. Therefore, I cannot offer you advice in this department. But, I can impart upon you what not to do with your hard-earned cash because I’ve learned the hard way.

Ignoring your bank balance

Sure, ignorance is bliss when it comes to things like how sausages are made, but ignorance is not a good tactic when it comes to your bank balance.

Checking it once every Mercury retrograde means you could be falling victim to overspending. I’ve turned on push notifications for my Westpac mobile app so that I can keep tabs on the comings and goings of my account. I like the control, it excites me.

Buying a new outfit out of boredom

Boredom does not equal another outfit. Not only is it taking up a chaotic amount of closet space but it’s not super great for the environment (you’re better to reduce, reuse and recycle, remember!) and it’s costing you a ton of cashola.

Like, you’ve already forked out money for everything else you’re not wearing in your closet, so why add to the pile?

Shouting rounds (during normal times)

I get it, you’re generous. It’s a good character trait. I put generosity up there with empathy and good hair. Love that quality for you, and I would love that quality in a potential mate. But, for the love of your bank account, stop being so generous at Friday night knock-offs (not really a problem for now, per se, but one to think about for future references).

Rounds of negronis are exxy, man. If one person doesn’t hold up their end of the round game then you’re like $70 out of pocket. That could be a whole week’s worth of groceries. Or, like seven bowls of pho.

Signing up for too many streaming services

I know it ~ feels ~ like you need to be signed up to every streaming service in existence, but you really don’t need to.

Try whittling down the services you’re subscribed to and remove any that you rarely use.

With the extra money you’re saving each month, why not put it towards a savings goal? There are options on the Westpac app where you can plug in how much you want to save and what for to help keep you on track.

Like a pocket financial cheerleader.

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