Tati Westbrook’s $5.6M Home Is For Sale So You Can See Where YouTube Drama History Was Made

Beauty YouTuber and world-class dramamonger Tati Westbrook has placed her astonishing Los Angeles home on the market for US$4 million (AU$5.58 million), meaning you could theoretically live in the home where beef history was made.

Real estate outlet Dirt reports Westbrook is selling the Sherman Oaks compound only four months after buying the place, seeking a profit of US$700,000 (AU$970,000).

However, the publication notes that Westbrook and her husband, James Westbrook, have resided at the place for yonks under a rent-to-own arrangement.

This means old mate likely filmed the bulk of her makeup tutorials inside those walls, to say nothing of her internet-breaking clashes with fellow influences James Charles, Shane Dawson, and everyone else roped into the whole Dramageddon thing.

Anyway, back to Casa del Tati Westbrook. The listing boasts five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a built-in cinema, a spa, a SubZero fridge (?), an “inglenook” in the master suite (???), and a whole-ass guest house out back.

Perfect for watching 46-minute videos of people claiming to have ‘receipts’. Via Chernov Team Real Estate

Everything is slate grey, gold, or porcelain, with the whole aesthetic whispering “yes, this is exactly what you’d expect a top-end beauty influencer’s home to look like.”

That guest house also contains the studio where Westbrook has worked most of her magic, but the listing doesn’t show any super-advanced lighting setups or troves of empty cosmetics.

For that, you’ll just have to watch Westbrook’s most recent beauty room tour, which she shared in 2018:

Back in December, Westbrook told her Instagram followers of her decision to ditch LA for her hometown of Seattle.

Keen viewers will have noted the influencer has been camping out there for much of the coronavirus crisis, and more recent clips appear to show her Washington digs.

What does all of this mean for readers in Australia? I mean, not a massive amount, unless you happen to a) have millions of dollars you need to spend, and b) a desire to relocate to Los Angeles in the middle of the aforementioned pandemic.

But, as our collective obsession with Selling Sunset has demonstrated, ludicrous LA properties have a certain numbing appeal.

Maybe you too could use the home’s residual dramatic energies to build your own career on dupe demonstrations and drama.

Cop the full listing right here.