Share What Lives In Yr Head Rent-Free & We May Send $13K Yr Way To Help Pay Ya Actual Rent

Living with mates is great. You have built-in best friends, people to share food and hate-watch reality TV with. But sharing a space often means sharing expenses. And let’s face it, one person (usually the mum or dad friend) ends up as the designated bill-payer, while the others promise to pay you back. They never do.

From grabbing the last-minute groceries to being the one to foot the pub bill because “they don’t split bills on the weekend”, this gesture of goodwill can mean that you’re the one left to deal with the awkward “Heyyyy, can you please transfer me $27 when you have a sec?”

The one who offers to pay is usually the maths whiz. Once, after a dinner, I spent 45 minutes working out what each friend owed me because one person didn’t have a cocktail, and another didn’t have dessert, and another arrived at 6:47pm, not 6:30pm so they should pay $5 less and surely there’s a better way?!

Thankfully, KttiPay is launching. It’s a new app that takes the stress (and awkwardness) out of splitting costs. With KttiPay, you can wave goodbye to the awkwardness of splitting costs. You can pay in advance, then keep tabs on expenses, create group savings for those vacations (or rent, yikes), and settle bills for nights out or groceries directly from the shared fund.

Everyone who’s in the group can see all of the details as well, so Nigel Never-Pays-You-Back will be exposed for all to see. Genius. You can even get your own card for events, making sure you’re never stuck with the entire bill.

To celebrate this app launching for disgruntled housemates and event-organising friends everywhere, we’re slinging one lucky winner a huge $13K to help pay their rent for six months.

Just download the app (the cash will land right in your Ktti account) and tell us what lives in your head rent-free. Imagine how many more dinners you can shout with a spare $13K? Just make sure your mates pay you back, of course.


Brb, going to download this app.

Image Credit: Mad Money