OI SYDNEY: A Hectic Xmas Plant Sale’s On The Way With Prices From 2 Bucks

It feels like every man and his dog got into gardening in 2017. Whether your version of “gardening” is tending to a few indoor succulents and trying not to murder them, or growing an entire vegetable garden on your balcony or in your teeny yard, plant life was a total trend this year.

If you’re looking to expand your collection of plant babies, listen the hell up. There’s a really, really major plant sale about to drop in Sydney‘s Centennial Park, and you can pick up some plant life for as little as a gold coin.

The public park is selling off plants from it’s own gardens – there’s everything from cute succulents, beautiful, bird and bee-attracting natives and indoor plants. Basically, everything.

All the proceeds go directly back to their nursery too, so you can rest easy knowing all your Chrissy gifts for your friends/fam (and self) are contributing to the gorge gardens at Centennial Park.

It’s all going down on Saturday the 16th December at the Centennial Park Nursery, and doors open at 9am. IMO get there early, there’s bound to be a queue.

Now just try not to kill all your purchases, yeah?