Cara Delevingne’s Quirky New Home Is Exactly As Batshit As You’d Expect

If you thought Cara Delevingne, in all her quirky manic-pixie-dream-girl greatness, would have an equally zesty home – you’d be correct.

The super successful model-turned-actor recently bought a new London pad, and has channelled all of those epic paychecks into some seriously lush interiors, which really reflect her personality. She’s shown it all off to Architectural Digest and excuse me while I go cry in a corner bc I’ll never own furniture as excellent as this.

The home’s interiors were designed by Tom Bartlett, founder of Waldo Works architecture and design practice and long-time family friend of Cara’s.

“Cara’s an individual—she’s always had that strength of character,” he told the publication. “We wanted it to reflect the way she lives there. Like if you were a 25-year-old, it’s about having friends around, going to sleep jet-lagged and feeling in a cocoon”.

The home also features not one, but TWO loos side by side. Which is apparently because Cara loves a gasbag on the toot.

“I like a chat on the loo,” she told Architectural Digest.

Aside from dual toilets, Bartlett added little homages to Cara’s favourite things throughout the home – in the home cinema (honestly, it is wild people have things like HOME CINEMAS in their houses) he lacquered the walls in car paint bc Cara apparently loves Pimp My Ride. Yes, really.

This neon “fries” sign? It’s one of the very few things Cara brought into the home, and sits pride of place above her bar cart because she really, really likes McDonalds, apparently.

It’s not all Quirk-Town, Arizona though. There’s rooms that are way more chill.

But back to the crazy shit:

Check out the rest of her home on Architectural Digest‘s site here.