If You’re Looking For A Squeak-Free Bed Frame, Might We Suggests These Bad Bois?

best bed frames australia
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Mates, I hate to break it to you, but if you’re still sleeping on some kind of crate set-up you spied on a Pinterest board back in 2015, it’s time to grow up. Investing in a real bed frame (and a good quality mattress) that’ll support your back and body is the easiest way not to be reminded of your age every morning.

A good bed frame should tick a few boxes to ensure your hard-earned cash money is well spent. It needs to be durable, supportive (squeak-free, for obvious reasons), and affordable, especially with the rise of cozzie livs.

It also needs to be functional in your space, e.g. the right size and fit. And, if you’re a renter, we highly recommend one with storage options or space underneath that can double as storage if need be.

With all that in mind, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up some of the best bed frames you can buy online in Australia, and delivered right to your door.

The Best Bed Frames You Can Buy in Australia

Emma Wooden Bed Frame, from $2,199

best bed frames australia
Image: Emma Sleep

If you’re looking for a one-way ticket to bone-town traditional bed, Emma Sleep’s new timber bed frame is crafted from eco-responsible, FSC-certified pine wood. Design-wise, it’s simple but spiffy and can be completely assembled tool-free. Plus, you can also opt for additional draws that slide under the bed for storage space if you’re stuck in a shoebox-sized rental.

Where to buy: Emma ($2,199)

The Eva Timber Bed Frame, from $900

Image: Eva

We like to think of this bed frame as the one you get when you graduate to from those timber crate beds everyone was obsessed with years ago. It comes with a little spot for all your devices and cables to ensure your cords stay tangle-free and out of sight and comes in all sizes — single, king single, double, queen and king. The Eva Timber Bed Frame starts around the $900 mark.

Where to buy: Eva (from $900)

Emma Box Bed, from $1,099

best bed frames australia
Image: Emma Sleep

If a timber bed frame doesn’t suit your style, why not check out Emma Sleep’s Box Bed? According to the brand, “The Emma Bed Frame comes with patented technology for ultimate support, FlexiSlats for tailored pressure relief, and a special AirFlow bed base for maximum breathability.” Sounds pretty good, huh?! Plus the good folks at Emma offer a 100-night trial – so, ugh, plenty of time for you to test it out (if ya catching our drift).

Where to buy: Emma ($1,099)

Ecosa Rise Bedframe, from $1,600 (on sale, usually $2,000)

Image: Ecosa

If you’re looking for something a little more ~durable~, why not give the Ecosa Rise Bed Frame a whirl? Made from American ash timber and sourced from certified sustainable forests, the Rise Bed Frame promises squeak-free comfort and support. It’s also super easy to assemble and comes with shock-resistant wooden slats (LOL shock-resistant).

Where to buy: Ecosa (from $1,600 — on sale, usually $2,000)

Koala Timber Bed Base, from $899

best bed frames australia
Image: Koala

Of course, it wouldn’t be a bed roundup without mentioning our mates over at Koala. Made from natural timber with a honeycomb core, the Koala bed base is apparently strong enough to hold 10 people jumping on it (or two people aggressively going at it, we reckon), has storage options behind the bedhead, and comes with a handy cable organiser. You can choose from five different sizes — single, king single, double, queen and king. The Koala bed bases start at $799 and cap out at $1,099.

Where to buy: Koala (from $799)

Now that that’s sorted, mates. Let’s find you some fresh bedsheets, Lord knows you probably need ’em.