Y’all Each Spent $1.5K On Activewear This Year, But Only 1 In 5 Use It

You ever look at your banking app on a dusty Sunday morning and do this?
please relocate me to the womb
Usually, you’d boil your losses down to habits like spending $20 on a gourmet burger, purchasing anything fancier than a goon bag for a night out or dropping a few wads on a swanky new kit.
Nup. Turns out a fair whack of our hard earned moola is going towards keeping fit and healthy – with the average Aussie spending a whopping $1406 annually on wellness.
“That’s a good thing,” I hear you reason. “It’s better to be spending money on being healthy than it is on more sordid pursuits.”
Only thing is, we’re spending the money on the garb, and not so much on the activity. 
According to a recent ING DIRECT study, despite us forking out lots to acquire the hottest activewear, only 19 percent of us actually have a gym membership.
81% of us like

“While it’s positive to see Australians are being proactive when it comes to focusing on their health and wellness, it’s important to factor these costs into your weekly or monthly budget, just like you would with household bills like rent, groceries or electricity bills,” says John Arnott, Exec Director at ING.

“Gym memberships, health foods, fitness equipment and workout apparel can all add up and it pays to keep your eye on these costs to ensure you’re not tipping the scales financially.”  
Given that one measly pair of Lululemon pants will set you back $129 bucks, the research isn’t so hard to believe.
Interesting stuff, huh? Anyway, If you need me I’ll be out back sucking down a lung lolly in me activewear.