New Study Finds Women Who Eat Junk Food Are Less Likely To Get Preganté

Bad news for women who, like me, are currently trying to cure their 3:30itis with Doritos instead of an apple.

Apparently females who eat junk food take a fair whack longer to fall pregnant than women who eat fresh fruit on the regular.

Researchers at the University of Adelaide looked at the link between women’s diets and reproductive success, questioning 5598 women in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland about their general eating habits.

What they found was that a diet without fruit was found to increase a woman’s infertility risk by a whopping 50 per cent.

“The findings show that eating a good quality diet that includes fruit and minimising fast food consumption improves fertility and reduces the time it takes to get pregnant,” said Professor Claire Roberts, who led the study.

The analysis revealed that compared to women who ate fruit three or more times a day, women who ate less fruit took half a month longer to become pregnant.

Similarly, compared to women who rarely ate fast food, women who consumed fast food four or more times a week took nearly a month longer to become pregnant.

Fast foods included burgers, pizza, fried chicken and chips bought from takeaway or fast food outlets, AKA all the good shit.

Weight and maternal age, smoking and alcohol intake were also taken into account, meaning the results were independent of those factors.

The researchers also found that while intake of fruit and fast foods affected time to pregnancy, pre-pregnancy intake of green leafy vegetables or fish did not.

“We recommend that women who want to become pregnant should align their dietary intakes towards national dietary recommendations for pregnancy,” added Dr Jessica Grieger, who also worked on the study.

Researchers now hope to identify the particular dietary patterns, rather than food groups, that may affect how long it takes women to become pregnant.

Here’s hoping they also take a look at why, despite best efforts, I cannot stop eating sweet potato fries.