VIC Gov’t Cracks Down On Illegal Solariums, Burns Them With $45K Fine

In the days of yesteryear, solariums were all the rage for humans keen to seamlessly animorph into well-worn Gucci totes.

But, thankfully, we’ve since grown wiser to the fact that solariums are a really bad fucking idea.
The danger tanning beds pose to the public was made clear with the tragic and highly publicised death of 26-year-old Australian woman Clare Oliver, who, in 2007, died of skin cancer after prolonged solarium use.
Commercial solariums have been illegal in Victoria since January 1st 2015, but hundreds of rogue operators are continuing to offer the service on the sly, a government crackdown has revealed.
“We have had a special squad undertaking surveillance and undercover raids and charges have been laid against a number of those illegal operators,” says Health Minister Jill Hennessy
They’ve been monitoring social media to keep an eye out for amateur operators who’re advertising online.
Those found operating in the Garden State face a whopping $45,000 fine. Rightly so.
Hennessy pointed out that these operators were unregulated, meaning there are no assurances about how much UV radiation being used – making these “death traps” a whole lot more dangerous for those brave stupid enough to get inside.
Victorians are still allowed to buy tanning beds for private use, but you’d have to have rocks in your head to do so – research shows people who use solariums before age 35 have a 59 percent greater risk of developing melanoma. 
So this one goes out to those still facilitating the practice:
u will receive your just deserts 
Source: ABC.
Getty: Final Destination.