PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Nando’s to let y’all know about their Fino Sides (FYI: ‘fino’ is Portuguese for fancy) – specifically, their mouth waterin’ Sweet Potato Chips. Healthier than your regular chips, this snack could rock your world. Find your nearest Nando’s restaurant HERE to get around them.

The trick is to treat yo’self without derailing everything you’ve been working at. Easier said than done, we know, but it’s possible. It’s kinda like having your no carb, no gluten, no dairy cake and eating it too.

Here’s 7 things that you can cheekily have a lil’ of without getting hit by an overwhelming wave of guilt. 


Now we ain’t saying downing a bottle every night is healthy for you, but two recent studies conducted in Korea + Washington State University reckon that the compound ‘piceatannol’ (which is found in red grapes) stops fat from growing. Yep, a bitta red wine could actually help you lose weight. Obviously it’s high in calories, so overdoing it will have the opposite effect. Additionally, it contains a nifty compound called ‘reservatrol’ that might help keep age-related memory loss at bay, as well as suppressing inflammation in yo’ body. 


The benefits of slurping up some honey in any way, shape or form are seemingly endless. Honey is: anti-allergy, anti-bacterial, anti-cancerous, anti-fungal + it boosts the immune system, suppresses coughs, boosts digestion, heals wounds and aids sleep. This is all thanks to its natural sugars. Remember kids, refined sugars are the enemy. Natural ones are our pals. 


Aight, here’s the 411 on what goodness sweet potato’s are packing:

  • VITAMIN B6 – helps reduce the nasty AF chemical ‘homocysteine’, which has been tied to degenerative diseases like heart attacks.
  • VITAMIN C – besides being good at staving off flus / colds, vitamin C helps with bone and teeth formation, digestion, blood cell formation + helps produce collagen which makes your skin look mad decent.
  • VITAMIN D – helps ya bones be all strong and amazing. 
  • IRON – in addition to your energy levels, iron helps with white blood cell making, dealing with stress, proper immune function + more. 
  • MAGNESIUM – it’ll help you feel super zen. 
  • POTASSIUM – helps regulate your heartbeat + nerve signals.
  • NATURAL SUGARS – slow releasing sugars that help keep your energy levels consistent.

So, yeah, sweet potatoes are bloody good for you. 

If you’re keen on getting some into your stomach ASAP, pop into your nearest Nando’s restaurant (find out where that is HERE) to try out their new Sweet Potato Chips. They’re gluten-free, super crunchy and a lil’ bit cheeky, while still being bloody good for you. If you can wait a bit / love free stuff, then Nando’s are driving around a funky food truck and handing the chippies out. Here’s a breakdown of where the truck will be and when:

Brisbane (Watergardens): November 14-16.

Melbourne (State Library): November 28-30. 

Sydney (Wynyard Park): December 14-16. 


If you’re a normal human, with normal cravings, you’re going to want a hit of butter every now and then. Although everyone hopped on the margarine band waggon because of its lower fat / dairy-free composition, recent studies have claimed that butter is far better for you. When stacked against margarine, it actually LOWERS your risk of copping a heart attack. Additionally: it’s packing the right kinda fat (healthy saturated ones), is full of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, K, contains the mineral ‘selenium’ + ‘conjugated linoleic acid’ (CLA). To really get all of butter’s natural goodies, opt for the least processed version possible. 


YASSSS, MORE BUTTERY STUFF. Ghee is clarified butter that’s opted for when cooking at higher heats. Just like its cousin, ghee is full of: soluble vitamins A, D and E + anti-inflammatory CLA + ‘butyric acid’ (a short chain fatty acid that’s best mates with your digestive system / helps boost your immune system. 


Chill. You’re not going to be able to chow down on Brie 24/7 because of its HUGEEEEE calorie content, saturated fats bulk salt – but a bit of cheese once in a while is A+. Cheese, in most of its iterations, will give your calcium, protein, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D levels a big ol’ boost. 

There is a god. 


Assuming that you’re not whacking in several spoons of sugar, a heap of milk or, god forbid, topping it with whipped cream, coffee can be an ally to your health. It has recognised memory, mood and energy boosting qualities (the energy benefits are, y’know, glaringly obvious). Also, it gives your metabolism a kick in the butt, potentially protects ya from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and strokes, as well as reducing your risk of getting Type II diabetes.

Keep up the good fight, healthy humans. We’re rooting for ya. 

Oh, and if you’re game on getting some cheeky but healthy goodness into you ASAP, grab yo’self some of Nando’s Sweet Potato Chips we told you about earlier (find your nearest restaurant HERE). Can confirm: they’re hella delicious. 

Photo: Easy A.