There Now Exists A Bomb Comparison Site For Everything Related To Fitness

If you’ve got an Arnold Schwarzenegger-type in your life, you might thinking getting them a gift for Christmas is as easy as anda 1, anda 2, anda 3.
wen bae try on their new xmas kit
You could buy them a skipping rope, some dumbbells, a weight bench; heck, you could even gift them a bloody treadmill.
While there are plenty of options of what to buy, there are lots of places to buy them. The fitness industry in Australia is absolutely massive, with keen sweaters forking out a whopping $8.5 billion a year on things like gym memberships, fluorescent Lorna Jane singlets and those Y3 sneakers you just really really really needed.
The other huge money-making industries like private health insurance, home loan and phone providers all have comparison sites, but there’s none for the health and wellness industry.
Until now.
Enter stage right:
Dubbed the ‘iSelect of the fitness industry’, it’s the first online comparison site that lets shredders compare gyms, personal trainers, vitamins, supplements, weight loss products and clothing all in the one place. 
Here’s hoping it’ll spell the end of the days of paying $22 a week for a gym membership old mate Chad’s getting for $13.
Photo: Perfect.