Summer Is 100 Days Away, And We Want To Get You Ready

Oh, won’t you look at the time… Winter is officially on its way out. 
That means daylight savings, balmy nights, icy cocktails and long walks on the beach are just around the corner.
Like, 100 days around the corner. ONE. HUNDRED. DAYS.
In anticipation of long days and even longer nights, we’re bringing back our sexy pop-up blog – 100 Days Till Summer  to fill the next three-and-a-bit months with content that’ll help prep your mind, body and soul for December 1st.
What’ll you find?
Everything from hot body hacks courtesy of ppl with hot bods and explainers on the newest mindfulness trends, to recipes for healthy summer cocktails and 101s on workouts you can do in bed/with cats*; there’ll be all sorts myth-busting, road-testing, how-tos, what’s whats etc etc.
*only recommended if you’re Arnie.
All you have to do is keep an eye trained on the 100DTS tab.
#100DTS starts N O W 
Lead image via Getty.