There’s A Handy New Food Tracker Site If You’re Keen To Finally Get On Top Of Yr Health

Contributor: Eilish Gilligan

Let me spin ye a tale of my youth.

Up to the age of 24, I could eat and drink whatever I wanted with absolutely zero digestive repercussions. I ate pasta. I ate sourdough bread. Dairy and garlic and onions galore, and my friends, there was no hint of bloating or discomfort. My life was a delectable smorgasbord and I had no idea how good I had it. It is a time I look upon with wistful fondness.

Then came my mid-twenties, and all of a sudden everything made my gut go GRR, and not in a cute grumbly tummy way. More in an agonising cramps kind of way.

I really had to start watching what I put in my gaping maw. I’ve been vegan for ages, but in an effort to quell the pain, I went gluten-free and low fodmap as well. It was miserable!!

One of the hardest parts of having such a restricted diet was making sure I’d get enough nutrients through the food I could eat. I’m able to be a little more lenient now, but sometimes I do wonder if the food I eat has got enough good stuff in it to make sure I don’t snap in two or something.

This handy little food tracker from Healthy Life might just be the thing I’ve been looking for. IBS girlies, this one’s for you.

The tracker splits the groceries in your Woolies shopping cart up into the five major food groups, so you can see if you’re missing something. The cool thing is the app tracks your grocery-buying habits over time, kinda like having a food diary that fills itself out automatically.

Healthy Life also has a range of resources for Aussies taking an interest in their health. They’re currently even offering complimentary virtual sessions with a naturopath. C’mon nature!

If you too are hitting that unfortunate period of your life when you can no longer eat whatever you want, I empathise. Instead of surviving exclusively on corn chips — something I am not proud to say I did for some time — you might want to keep a track of the groceries you’re putting in your cart each week.

I just wanna see my friends go back to being regular girls with non-irritable bowels. Is that so much to ask?