Real Stuff Is A New Aussie Poddy That Aims To Shake Up Society’s Outdated Views Of Masculinity

real stuff podcast
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV
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Being told how to avoid outdated social constructs of masculinity is one thing, but seeing or hearing that evolution in actuality is something else entirely. And that’s why the new podcast Real Stuff is so important.

Created and hosted by CEO of The Man Cave and STUFF, Hunter Johnson, the intention of the new poddy is to reframe our ideas of masculinity through open conversation around damaging stigmas and our learned behaviours.

By now, so many of us know the extremely alarming stats. Suicide is the leading cause of death for men under 45. One woman is murdered every week in Australia by their intimate partner. Hunter believes that getting to the root of what’s happening in the lives of men can help to break this cycle.

Having launched late last month, the fortnightly podcast has released three episodes to date with an impressive roster including Dylan Buckley, Dan Gorringe, Tom Harkin and Dyson Heppell.

“The model of masculinity we’ve inherited needs to evolve. We need new stories about what it means to be a man to fit our current context,” Johnson explained.

“What does modern masculinity look like? How do we embody this without losing our favourite masculine traits? And, importantly, how can we all support the next generation of boys to be better men, not just for themselves but for their relationships too?”

So how does this come to life in podcast-form? A good example is Real Stuff’s debut episode with ex-AFL players Daniel Gorringe (who you may remember as the one with the pigeon-phobia on Big Brother) and Dylan Buckley.

In the episode, Daniel talks about struggling to open up about his mental health to his father. When he did find the courage, he discovered and learned about his dad’s own battles, creating a special moment of understanding between Daniel and his father.

Dylan adds that he has his own regrets about not being there for Daniel during this time. The pair get upset discussing it and showcase the power of the male bond when the door of vulnerability is open.

When it comes to understanding modern masculinity, we’re always learning and evolving into a space that is truer and more conducive to the world around us. But there’s so much to unlearn too, and so much to simply make sense of from the generations who came before us.

Find out more about the podcast HERE.