At-Home COVID Tests Are Set To Be In Shops From Next Week So Let’s Hope Yr Hands Are Steady

at-home covid test rapid antigen coles woolies

At-home COVID tests are set to be available at your local Coles and Woolies shops from early November, so you can tickle your brain in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Publicly-available rapid antigen tests were announced about a month ago, once they were approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Well, it seems the TGA must have whisked that one through because it’s now been confirmed the at-home kits will be rolled out to hundreds of supermarkets from November 1st.

Packs of the DIY nussy swabs are already up for pre-order on Woolies’ online health and wellness store, HealthyLife, and will set you back $30 for a two-pack, $50 for five tests, and $350 for a business-sized pack of 25.

The rapid tests give you the ability to check yourself at home in around 15 minutes, instead of having to visit a testing clinic every time you find yourself with slight symptoms. Then, if you get a positive result on your at-home test, you can make plans to get a full pathology PCR test at the clinic, and isolate.

The ABC reports that when the TGA approved the rapid antigen tests, it also determined that there would be no constraints on where they could be sold. That means that not only can we buy them online or at the supermarket with our weekly shop, but we might also be able to buy them at the servo, the local convenience store, or even the little milk bar down the road that also sells odds and ends, and insanely pricey veggies.

In supermarkets, it’s reported that Coles will begin selling the home testing kits in 700 stores across all states and territories except South Australia and WA from next week, with Woolies stocking up not long after.