Prepare To Pirouette Out Of Lockdown, Because QLD Ballet Now Have Free Online Dance Classes

Contributor: Aaron Gill

Okay fam, we’ve got some good news for our fellow dance enthusiasts on this… day 541 of isolation. Lol.

Wanna pirouette out of lockdown like one of those SkyDancer Fairy toys from the 90’s?

That was just an excuse to post the video, tbh.

Anyway, now you can because Queensland Ballet are offering FREE community classes online. You too can fulfil your Centre Stage fantasy or become that TikTok kween we know you are, all from the comfort of your own home.

Real talk for a hot minute. For me, dancing around my living room atm is not only a way to move/exercise, but a much needed break from the Netflix norm my couch and I are all too  familiar with. Ya’ll best believe I’m out here giving my couch and my neighbour Karen a show, even if it is just me doing a plie into the pantry.

The Queensland Ballet classes are open, andfor all ages – they’re also led by QB teaching artists, so you’re in good hands if you just wanna try something new. You got a room, you got a  studio, you got a chair you’ve got a ballet barre.

Sashay this way for more.