Osher Günsberg Spills The Contents Of His Beautiful Dark Twisted Mind

If you’ve tuned into Aussie TV or radio these last 20 years, here’s a face you’ll recognise. 

Osher Günsberg (née Andrew G) is the host with the most luscious mop of hair, and after

 some long-standing gigs on Australian Idol, Channel [V], Take 40 Australia and The Hot Hits, he’s become a real asset to the Australian media industry.

Most recently you’ve seen him eclipsing absolutely everybody on The Bachelor Australia and The Bachelorette Australia.

Disco G.

We caught up with the reality TV stalwart last week to film this guided meditation, to talk about his involvement with Movember, and to watch him dodge our questions about his perfectly coiffed hair.

What’s your affiliation with Movember?

I’ve been involved with Movember since 2006/07 when I was an ambassador for the first time. Since then I’ve tried to grow a mo’ every year and I’m proudly an ambassador for them again this year. I’m also the creator and founder of Movember Radio (podcast) which I’ve been working on throughout 2015. They do such a great thing for men and women around the world.

Why is it such an important cause for you to support? 
The thing about Movember is that it deals with three things that are really important to me: prostate cancer, testicular cancer and suicide prevention. Suicide kills five men in Australia every single day, and something like more than four men die in Australia everyday from preventable diseases…It’s super important to bring light to these issues, especially if they’re preventable.

And I think more recently, a big part of my involvement has been to normalise the conversation about mental illness. If you’re not thinking right people tend to think that’ll go away by itself – well, no, it only gets worse. It’s so important to take action, to see a doctor and to reach out to people around you who might not be doing so well.
We’re filming a *guided meditation* today, but meditating is something you do frequently IRL. What do you get out of it?

I think meditation is really, really important. It’s very simple, but the fallacy is that people think it’s about having a quiet mind. It’s not. Meditation is about constantly addressing thoughts that come up and letting them pass you by like you’re watching a parade. It’s not about the empty brain and it takes some practice but eventually that muscle grows strong. I know when I do it regularly I’m less irritable, I become clearer in my thinking; you become more measured and generally a nicer person to be around.

What can you tell us about your hair?
[Laughs] If as many people talked about climate change as they talked about my hair we’d be in a really good place. When you think about my hair, think about climate change.

Special thanks to Body Mind Life Yoga & Pilates Surry Hills for letting us film in their beautiful space.