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Depending on where you work, you’ll probably be asked for a medical certificate if you call in sick. The joys of having bosses who don’t trust you! And if you’re actually sick? The last thing you want to do is drag your unwell ass out of bed and to a GP. Thankfully online medical certificates exist.

Aussie health platform updoc helps you get 24/7 online medical certificates straight from the comfort of your bed (where you should be resting). Basically, you jump on your phone and complete a quick consultation form that details why you feel like shit. Then an independent, registered Aussie partner doctor will review the consultation, and if approved, you’ll receive an online medical certificate straight to your inbox.

Not bad if it hits you overnight and you’re sitting there in your own filth just waiting for an appropriate time to notify your boss, right?

Given most online medical certificate submissions are reviewed within a couple of hours (if not within the hour), it’s kind of perfect to be able to wake up to. Updoc can be accessed on any day at whatever time. It’s also available from anywhere in Australia, which takes the number one hassle out of a doctor’s visit.

The online medical certificate consults start at $14.95, a small price to pay for convenience, and I spend more than that for weekly UberEats deliveries alone. Aside from the convenience, it gives you more time to do what you need to be doing: getting better.

I’m no picture of health, but holy eff, this is what the world needs more of. I’m not a dufus, I know online medical certificates already exist, but updoc seems to take the obstacle-free cake. Bookmark this page and stress less about your next impending sick day.

Image: Big Bang Theory