Nice Job, Dentists: Turns Out No One Has Ever Checked If Flossing Works

You know when you go to the dentist after putting it off for six years and Craig The Daggy Dentist lays you down on the death recliner and asks “have you been flossing?” when we both know that you certainly have not been flossing and he’s mad and you’re sad and this is why I never go to the dentist.
oomph hit a soft spot
Guess what, fellow lazy humans with negligible hygiene?
Apparently flossing isn’t as important as that pass agrees dickhead dentist Craig made it out to be.
As the NY Times reports, the Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services recently issues dietary guidelines for ‘Muricans, and sneakily took out any and all mention of flossing
The Associated Press went on to report that officials never actually researched the effectiveness of flossing before spriuking it hard to the public. 
Apparently researchers had not been able to “examine gum health over a significant amount of time.”

tfw u realise you never have to floss ever again
Sure, there have been some reviews and research that suggests regular brushers and flossers have less gum bleeding than people who just brush, but the quality of that evidence, according to researchers, is “very low.”

(Jokes aside, I have found some truly manky shit while flossing. It’s gotta be good for something – even if the research isn’t quite there to back it up yet.)
Source: NYTimes.
Photo: The Hangover.