Most Condoms Ain’t Vegan: Here’s How To Wrap Ya Meatstick If Yr Plant-Based

Wrapping your penile device in a protective sheath before inserting it in uncharted orifices is a good idea.
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If you practice safe sex, you go Glen Coco. The spread of STIs is a real problem (especially among under 25s), and by wrapping your bepis, you’re protecting the community at large.
One thing you might not have considered while rolling a rubber down your rude bit, though, is whether or not your condom is vegan.

Australia is the third-fastest growing vegan market in the world, after the United Arab Emirates and China; we take veganism pretty seriously. But I’d hazard a guess a fair few vegans are unaware that their condoms aren’t. 
The majority of condoms and lubricants on the market contain animal products. The latex variety of condoms are the biggest offenders with most containing casein – the main protein present in milk and cheese – bringing the fabled cheesy dick to very real life.
But don’t get too excited, folks. This isn’t an excuse to forgo the condoms entirely. Vegan condoms exist.
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Former Cleo Bachelor of the Year finalist Dustin Leonard has created a line of plant-based, vegan-friendly jimmy hats and lubes
They’re called HERO, and for good reason. For every product sold, the brand donates products to help stop the spread of HIV and AIDS in Botswana.

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The rubbers contain no animal products (or byproducts), and haven’t been tested on animals. Yep, for real, some brands actually do test on animals. 
“Because condoms are a ‘medical device’ government organisations often require stringent testing and some companies test on animals to acquire the relevant certification,” Leonard told The Huffington Post Australia.
The lubricant consists of aloe vera that’s pH balanced, petrochemical and paraben-free, making it a good alternative for sensitive skinned folk.
While HERO aren’t the first vegan condoms to hit the market (this is a fairly exhaustive list), it’s a bloody brilliant social enterprise and one to… get behind.

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