Lululemon is the luxe athleisure brand we all dream of filling our wardrobes with.

The brand’s expanded like crazy over the last few years c/o our general obsession with wearing leggings everywhere we go, even when we’re simply refusing to do any sport. They make chic sports gear you don’t mind being caught in at the supermarket, basically.

To celebrate the opening of their Westfield Sydney City store, they’re taking over Pitt St Mall with a ridiculously huge (and FREE) flow yoga session – complete with live music led by Sunshine Zerda and violinist QVLN.

Chris Cannon, describes himself as being "obsessed with progression", and the proof is in his actions. Founder of @lifehubau, our Chadstone store ambassador, and currently studying Post-Grad Neurolinguistic programming-he still made the time to sit with us, and make sure that he spoke with intention, clarity and authenticity. We have a feeling these three qualities permeate everything he does. Chris is one of those people so clearly following his purpose, and we asked for the secret sauce. His response; ⠀ “Your goal is your North Star, your outcome, it’s the 'what' you plan to achieve. The 'why' is the intent behind the outcome, it’s the sense of fulfilment you get each day doing the daily practises that allow you to reach the goal. Living with intent allows you to live on purpose with each day making progress towards your dream with a deadline. Taking joy in the journey is as important as the destination.” – @cannon_lifehubau

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Just to reiterate, the 45 minute sessions – one is held at 5.30pm and one at 6.45pm – are completely free. No catches, no if’s or but’s. AND you get to take home a complimentary lululemon yoga mat if you participate.

The sessions are being held on Tuesday, 20th March and the brand’s expecting around 300 guests a sesh. While that sounds huge, you’d still be best signing up quick-smart to make sure you score a spot – here’s the link.

Extreme levels of zen coming your way.

Image: Instagram / @lululemonaunz