How To Claw Your Way Outta The Horrendous Life Rut You’re Stuck In RN

It really doesn’t matter who you are, where you’ve come from or what you’re all about, we’re all going to find ourselves in a severe life rut at some stage or another.

Things that might make one realise they’ve found themselves in this particular situation include:

  • Finding oneself $60 poorer for the seventh time that month after yet another failed Tinder date.
  • Having your manager continually chip away at your self-esteem because some rogue five-year-old bullied the crap out of them in primary school.
  • Heading to your local for your fourth tub of outrageously expensive ~boutique~ ice cream in a week.
  • Realising that it’s the fifth consecutive Friday night you’ve stayed in.

Yep, the struggle is real. Like, so real that you may as well be named as the honorary mayor of Struggletown.

So, how the hell do you get yourself out of a severe life rut? Unfortunately, it’s a case-by-case situation. THAT BEING SAID, our desire to create a one-size-fits-all fix for all of you beautiful humans has lead us to create something we’re pretty chuffed with.



If the Rut-Buster 5000 ain’t loading for you, then you can access it by heading HERE.

Yes, this damn-decent generator will help you find the root of your life rut so you can eradicate it faster than Tyra Banks can deliver a fierce smize. You’ll also go into the running to score a prize specifically designed to give your life rut the flick (think: a voucher for a shopping spree if your life’s wardrobe is a lil’ so-so, or a day at a spa if your overall well-being needs a boost). Best of all, winners will score a test drive of the Ford Mustang which they’ll take for a road trip to a destination close to their nearest capital city where they’ll be put up for the night.

So, what the bloody hell are you waiting for? GO FORTH AND LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.


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