Get Psyched For All The Ideas At Macquarie University’s Fifth TEDx Talk

This Saturday, TEDx Macquarie University returns for their fifth consecutive year, bringing together clever minds, inspirational speakers, Ideas Worth Spreading™ and great catering.

The theme for this year’s TEDx talks is EMPOWER NOW, so we’re expecting to get so hopped up on motivation we’re literally on our feet / fist pumping the air / nodding intensely. Probably the last one; depends on the ~vibes~. We’ll see.
This year’s TEDx line up includes “a renowned surgeon and a millionaire university drop out, a techman and a funnyman; there’s an author and an advocate, a social media expert and a social psychology expert, a professor and a student”.
Being the hot commodity of the day – the “Ideas Worth Spreading”™ are being closely guarded by their respective speakers, but here are the talks we’re psyched about:
  • Ellie Laing, Award Winning SBS Reporter
You’ve seen Ellie on the teevee; she’s currently senior reporter at SBS World News, and has worked in the turbulent Australian media industry the last ten years covering a range of current affairs. She brings with her worldly experience and cultural insight, so we’re keen to see what themes she covers in her chat.
  • Harry Lancaster, Yogi and Wholefoods Culinary Explorer
Why we’re excited? Having spent the last decade exploring different way to adapt wholefoods cooking to our modern lifestyles, we’re hoping Harry brings food as well as ideas. He’s anti diets that are about self-denial, and all about nutrition that tastes as good as as it’ll make your body feel. Like we said, we hope he brings food.
  • Craig Errey, Social Psychologist and Entrepreneur

Why we’re excited? Ain’t nobody more powerful than psychologist to get into your head and do things to it. If Craig says he’s focus is “on the connection between people, work and technology to give people more time to do things that really matter” so he’ll be about life hacks for better balance.

And, here’s the rest of the expert line-up:
  • Douglas Nicol, Data Geek & Owner of Advertising Agency, The Works
  • Buchanan, Alternative Rock Band
  • Kawsar Ali, Student and Volunteer
  • Katrina Webb, Sporting Legend
  • African Beat, African Drumming Duo
  • Kathy Kelly, Social Activist
  • Ben Ross, Problem Solver and UX Expert
  • The Idea of North, Contemporary Vocal Ensemble
  • Sakkie Prestorius, Microbiology and Biotech Academic and Researcher
  • Katrina Webb, Sporting Legend 
  • Jeremy Chapman, Medical Doctor
  • Jack Delosa, Entrepreneur, Investor and Best-selling Author
  • Ruven Govender, Writer, Performer & Comedian
  • Sara Rickards, Education Advisor for Sustainability
TEDx is the independently-run and locally organised version of TED – the nonprofit organisation dedicated to spreading ideas through powerful 18-minute or less talks. This particular event is brought to you by the efforts of Macquarie University’s students and staff volunteers. It’s the longest running university TEDx in Australia, and showed to a sell-out crowed of 500 last year and reached more than half a million viewers online.
You can live stream the event here OR you can just wait for our wrap up of the day’s best ideas.