We Ranked The Post-Blood Donation Snack Game From ‘Does The Job’ To ‘Downright Delicious’

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

As a blood donor, you are quite literally saving lives, which is of course, awesome. It’s like, *the* best part of donating blood.

However, there is also much to be said in favour of the little snackies on offer for those who donate their precious blood. A buffet of treats awaits those generous enough to spare some of the good red stuff.

I also have a working theory that anything you eat after donating blood is gonna taste DELISH no matter what it is, because you’re already in a great mood from all your do-gooding.

Well, maybe almost. There are just a couple of cuisine exceptions to this theory, and I can run you through them right now, if you please. I will make sure your next blood-donating experience includes gastronomic delights, the likes of which you have never felt.

And by the way, did you know one blood donation is needed every 18 seconds to meet demand? Our health system relies on the generosity of blood donors to save lives, so secure some good-deed brownie points by booking your donation with Australian Red Cross Lifeblood today. You’ll be munching on some post-donation snackies in no time.

It’s likely many of the below snacks will be on offer at once when you go to donate blood. When presented with the snack buffet after your donation (which, by the way, will also have ample veg and GF options), do not lose your head. Follow my advice for aforementioned gastronomic delights.

The dry bickie


Oh, humble vessel. The dry bickie — perfection when paired with something else, but like eating a strip of cardboard on its own. You are doing yourself a disservice if you do not give this guy a cheesy or dippy mate.

The dry bickie plus cheese


Now we’re talkin’.


I will eat one hundred.

There is literally no downside to eating as many cookies as humanly possible. Okay, maybe one – the only downside of smashing these bad boys is that they can crumble, so beware. I do not want you to get covered in crummies.

The milkshake

Alexa, play ‘Milkshake’ by Kelis.

Yep. If you haven’t donated blood in a while, you might be behind on the newest culinary offerings available after your donation. Lifeblood literally offers MILKSHAKES at their donor centres now — how iconic.

And hey, if you’re not the world’s biggest fan of Cow Juice, they also have Milklab soy and almond milk for donors to enjoy with their milkshakes. J’adore!

The sausage roll

Sausage rolls are literally the only thing I miss as a vegan, RIP.

Another golden option. You could pretend you were at the footy or the town fair with a crispy saussie roll and milkshake in hand. Let me remind you also that all of this food is FREE for those who donate blood! Eat your fill babes! Replenish those bodily resources!

And if you’re of the vegan and vego persuasion, do not despair – there’s still plenty on offer for you too. Did someone tasty vego spinach and ricotta rolls???

With winter spreading yucky sicknesses around, demand for blood is higher than ever. Check if you’re eligible to give blood today — and think of me after your donation when you’re double-parked with milkshakes in each hand. You are welcome.