Celeb-Approved Places To Work Up A S.U.L.A In The City Of Angels

Ahh, Hollywood. Tinseltown. The City of Angels.
Whatever you like to call it, LA is a pretty mystical place: it’s full of movie stars, musos and men who own 47 Lamborghinis.
It’s also the new stomping ground of ex-Channel V presenter, Carissa Walford
For the past five years, she’s toured the globe interviewing some of the world’s biggest music acts with the (sadly) now defunct Channel V. She’s following in the footsteps of another famous V alumni, Renee Bargh – hot-footing it to the States to give acting a red hot crack.

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“I’ve lived in Sydney my whole life so getting to work out in LA outdoors is a whole new experience. The vibe is just different, it’s like Bondi on steroids – everyone is very health and body conscious,” she says.
We had a chat to Carissa about her favourite ways to work up a sweat in her new home-city.
1. Hike through Runyon Canyon Park.

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“The views are next level and I turn into such a tourist when I see that Hollywood sign!” says Carissa. It’s the best place for a potential celeb spot, too. Justin Bieber and Katy Perry are regulars.”
2. Jog through the streets of Beverly Hills.

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“I have always liked jogging in Beverly Hills. I like to people watch and you see some great things weaving through the coffee shops and shoppers.” Rodeo Drive and Sunset Boulevard are gooduns.
3. Nail a group workout at Cobra Fitness Club.
Cobra Fitness Club is such a fun way to train with the most hilarious, intriguing bunch of characters. I love group training because it distracts me and working out becomes a social event which I like.”

4. Shake your shit at Millennium Dance Complex.

“As an ex-dancer, doing a hip hop or jazz class is my go to. Places like Millennium Dance Complex can really teach you how to bust a move Hollywood style… Hip hop dancing is something I like to do at home in Sydney with friends, too.”

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