7 Places To Buy Pilates Grip Socks That’ll Add A Bit Of Colour To Your Workout Wardrobe

best grippy socks australia
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Last week, I was at my usual Pilates class when my beautiful instructor Stef walked in wearing the cutest Pilates grip socks I’ve ever seen. In fact, her whole outfit was fucking fabulous, she had on a cute set from Pinky and Kamal and had paired it with these retro-striped pink, yellow and blue grip socks that I’m now fkn obsessed with.

I looked down at my foot bar, noticed how sad my cheap Pilates socks now looked, and thought about how I don’t spend all this money on cute activewear just to have my ‘fit let down by boring socks. So I went on a hunt, my friends. I spent hours scouring the Interest to find a whole bunch of Pilates grip socks that are as cute as they are functional — and let me tell you, I was not disappointed.

You know who was disappointed? My boyfriend, three days later when at least several pairs of Pilates grip socks showed up at our door. Carries Vogue is my Pilates (IYKYK). And because we don’t gate-keep around these parts, I decided to compile a running list of the best places to buy Pilates grip socks you can buy in Australia, so you can feed yourself too. You’re welcome!

Next time you’re doing feet in straps, admiring your cute as fuck grippy socks, think of me and smile.

The Best Places To Buy Pilates Grip Socks in Australia


best Pilates grip socks australia lululemon

One of the first stops on your Pilates sock tour should be Grippy. Female-founded and born out of Newcastle, NSW, Grippy is a small local business that makes some of the cutest grip socks you’ll ever see. From sets with little frilly tops to sets with sunflowers and stripes, there’s bound to be a pair that’ll brighten up your day.

Move Active

Based out of Melbourne, MoveActive also makes some super cute unisex grip socks in all different styles and lengths. The most recent collection is Miami-themed, so there are fun flamingos, palm trees, hearts, tie-dye socks and more to choose from.

best Pilates grip socks australia lululemon

Toe Sox Australia

best Pilates grip socks australia lululemon

If you’re in your Pilates princess era, these little tie-dye grip socks will be your new go-to. They’re from Toe Sox Australia, which make a range of Pilates socks including toe socks that are so cute they’ll make you nostalgic for the ’90s.

Pointe Studio

Imagine doing feet in straps and having these babies smiling back at you. Pretty cute, huh?! Pointe Studio has a whole bunch of cool colours, patterns and prints to choose from in a range of styles including ankle, crew and toeless grip socks.

best Pilates grip socks australia lululemon


You’ve probably already heard of Alo, they make some pretty beautiful activewear that all sorts of celebrities and influencers are obsessed with. So it comes as no surprise that they make grippy socks too — and the ex-ballerina in me NEEDS these cute Pilates socks.


Of course, Lululemon make grip socks too. While the range is limited, you can get these ankle socks in a few different colourways.

Cotton On Body

The legends over at Cotton On Body also make some grippy socks. You won’t find bold colours or funky patterns, but they’re super affordable and still have a few different colours and styles.

Do You Need Grippy Socks For All Pilates Classes?

While you can get away going barefoot in some studios for some styles of Pilates like mat work, it is recommended that you wear grip socks for extra support and to prevent any slips. It’s also a good hygiene thing too.

Can you wear normal socks to Pilates?

Technically, you can. However, Pilates socks have small grippy dots on the bottom to help keep your feet firmly in place while you’re exercising, especially if you’re doing standing work on the reformer.

That’s all we’ve got for now, folks. But given how popular Pilates is becoming, we’re sure more cute options will pop up soon.