Aussies Are Four Times More Interested In Veganism Than 5 Years Ago

Fact: Australians are four times more interested in veganism than we were five years ago. 
The data, courtesy of Google Trends, doesn’t explicitly tell us more of us are converting, just that the number of Aussies typing in the keyword has quadrupled from 2010 to 2015.
Among the top vegan-related searches are ‘vegan recipes’, ‘vegan diet’ and ‘vegan food’, which suggests we’re interested in making plans to eat more greens to hit our five serves a day vegetable quota – a win for health anyway you look at it.
Most of the ‘vegan’ searches came from Victoria and SA, while the ACT and WA were least curious about joining the ‘greener pastures’ of veganism. 
In other, more proteinous news, meat seems to be tracking pretty well too.
While potato-related searches go up and down like Kanye’s mood.
But there’s no denying the pulling power of Kale; the God of vegetables, the Taylor Swift of superfood.
That’s all.
Images via Google Trends.