What To Do On A Night Out If Your Friends Are Getting On It & It’s Not Your Jam

Drug Awareness
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Depending on who’s in your current circle of friends, there may be nights when one person in the group decides to get on the uppers, others follow suit, but you’re more than content with chatting straight-up nonsense for the night.

This also might be a generational situation, as it appears far less young Aussies are dabbling – in WA, stats show that 78% of young people don’t use illicit drugs.

But if this situation does present itself, you best believe there are options for those who want to go out and have a good night without getting on it.

1. Bail

As soon as your friends talk about getting on it, this could be your cue to get out of there while the night is young.

Save your cash, and still feel fresh in the morning so you haven’t written off a whole day of productive stuff. Or just slum it on the couch for no reason without cringing from memories of the night before.

2. Take decent photos you don’t want to burn the next morning

Another activity that sorely benefits from sobriety is the ability to take a nice photo that you can show your parents without them slowly leaving the room without so much as a half-hearted compliment.

Nice photos are rare – especially when you’re with pals. So take the opportunity to go to the bathroom, practise your nicest sober smile and then show that bad boy off to the world.

If you struggle to find nice photos for your various dating profiles, this could also add to that arsenal. It’s all about laying the groundwork.

3. Show off your coherent conversation skills to the bartender

You know what bartenders deal with far too often? People who ramble. You know what they appreciate? People who haven’t lost the ability to string a sentence together.

Stride up there with that sober smile we practised earlier and have cool, calm, casual banter with the stunner standing behind the counter.

Who knows? After the night’s out, you might not even need a nice photo for your dating profile.

Wink wink, nudge nudge, elbow in stomach, kick to the shin.

4. Mingle with someone who isn’t bouncing off the walls

While your mates are living, breathing pogo sticks, branch out and expand your social circle.

It’s nice to meet new people, it’s even nicer to meet them when they will have full recollection of who you are the next day and won’t forget your name every five seconds.

Pro tip: eavesdrop on people’s conversations and find out whether any of them work for a brand you like. Two hours later they could be giving you a free wardrobe or year-long supply of ice cream.

Once again, it’s all about laying the groundwork.