A Rare Jar Of Vegemite Has Gone Gangbusters On eBay Auctions & Its Final Price Is Eye-Watering

A ~unique~ Vegemite jar has been sold for a ‘yuge amount of cashola, so huge the price will turn you into a Vegemite collector.

An ultra-rare golden Vegemite jar has sold for an eye-watering $6,350! That’s like quadruple the amount (IDK, to be honest I’m not a mathematician) of a regular jar of the beloved spread, which is going for $10.35 at Woolies.

But what makes this jar so desirable? Like thousands of dollars desirable?

As reported by news.com.au, the limited edition Vegemite jars were sold in June to celebrate the Aussie fave’s 100th anniversary.

Basically, the company celebrated its massive milestone by producing limited edition silver jars, available in both one-ounce (28g) sizes and three-ounce (85g) sizes.

Alongside the rare silver spreads, punters who bought the collectable were also in the running for a Vegemite golden jar. Only 10 — five one-ounce sizes and five three-ounce sizes — of these gold-plated momentos were made, making them super rare.

(Image source: Instagram / @vegemite)

But if you missed out, Aussies had the opportunity to snatch the spread’s golden glory via sellers on eBay if you were willing to drop “a couple thou’” as Nicki Minaj sang in “Beez In The Trap”.

The eBay seller — whose username is sloth1717 — claimed their golden Vegemite jar was “number two of five” from the one-ounce sizes.

“18 karat gold plated 1oz five silver replica vegemite jar celebrating their rich 100-year history and enduring legacy,” the listing description reads.

“One of only five ever to be made.”

Surprisingly, 44 punters made bids on this golden spread, leading to its final selling price: 6,350 buck-a-roos.

(Image source: eBay / sloth1717)

If you’re unwilling to drop a ton of moolah on this golden collectable, Vegemite will be returning its collectable glasses!

Even though I don’t enjoy Vegemite on bread — it’s low-key the best marinade for steaks, don’t @ me unless you try it — it’s really interesting to see a bunch of punters fighting over this golden jar.

I wonder what collectables will come out next when it reaches its 200th anniversary. Perhaps Vegemite-flavoured toothpaste? Or maybe just Vegemite steaks.