It’s little, but goddamn it’s something.

The first footage of the highly anticipated Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom shows star Chris Pratt‘s Owen snuggling with a baby raptor, and it’s enough to make you forget this lil’ guy has razor sharp teeth.

Yep, that 5-second teaser is all we’re getting at this point. Colin Trevorrow, who directed the first film and co-wrote this sequel, tweeted the clip as a Thanksgiving treat.

“From our Jurassic family to yours,” he said.

Fans aren’t sure if this is a baby Blue (a.k.a. Owen’s favourite raptor from Jurassic World) or a Blue Jr. But they’re pretty clear on one thing: they want one.

….except for The Rock, who just wants to eat one.


Details on the sequel are still very scarce, but we (obviously) know that Pratt returns as Owen and Bryce Dallas Howard returns as Claire. Jurassic Park alumni Jeff Goldblum is also in this one, as well as Tedd Levine, Rafe Spell, Toby Jones, Geraldine Chaplin, Daniella Pineda, and Justice Smith.

Earlier this year the poster was released – with the classic tagline ‘Life Finds A Way‘ – and a shot of a young character standing in a dinosaur fossil exhibit in a museum.

Trevorrow gave a hint to Entertainment Weekly back in June about where this new film could go.

“I felt by introducing a couple key ideas and some of them are introduced by Dr. Wu, played by B.D. Wong, and even the simple idea that these people at Jurassic World won’t always be the only people that can clone a dinosaur,” he said. “We never imagined what happens when this technology goes open source. I think the minute that you add an idea like that into something like this it can open up the minds of every young person who loved these movies. I think there’s a lot room to grow.”

Oh good. Dinosaurs friggin’ everywhere, looks like.

No word yet on when a full trailer is coming for this thing, but it can’t be far off. Fallen Kingdom hits cinemas June 2018.