Zawada’s Latest Gig – Trust Fun, could just as well be your new favourite art/eye candy blog, maybe if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s brand that’s tie-dying scarves and T’s

As per anything Zawada gives a little left side cranium love to, the visual aesthetics are flawless. But JZ isn’t the only homie calling some props. TF is the work of a threesome: Shane Sakkeus, Jonathan Zawada, and Annie Wright-Zawada and was born out of a computer backlash – “For so long we were stuck behind computers working on graphics and textiles for other people. We really just wanted to take a hands-on approach and do something for ourselves,” tells AWZ.

I wish I could say I’ve had the pleasure of having in my reader for months but 2 points would prove my downfall:

1 – The first post was posted 2 days over a month ago.
2 – There is a massive lack of a feed.

Buy their scarves and T-shirts or just bookmark yourself a new wall paper each day, right here.