Zach Braff Discovered He’s Being Used To Advertise Erection Pills In Ukraine

It’s been almost a decade since the last episode of Scrubs aired (of the seasons that matter, anyway), but Doctor John “J.D.” Dorian is never far from our hearts. Personally speaking, I think of J.D. every time I see a grown man on a scooter, or whenever my friends all experience separate yet thematically connected problems that could really use a nice voiceover summary to round them all off.

Well apparently, for some of us, J.D. isn’t so much a distant memory as a constant presence in their lives.

Zach Braff himself recently discovered that his iconic character was being used to advertise some kind of medical equipment in Ukraine. And as it turned out, that ‘medical equipment’ was actually male performance enhancement pills.

He also recently discovered that his likeness was being used to advertised computer repairs in Ukraine.

And this, apparently, is a pretty common for hot celebrities (and Bill Gates) and computer businesses over that way.

That led to an entire thread about celebs being unknowingly used in advertisements, a niche of content that is brand new to me but I can utterly get behind.

There’s nothing like a little illegal image use to shift a few products, no?