Your Kid’s Going to have a Shitload of Friends Named Khaleesi

Though her acting skills are questionable, Game Of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke is crazy popular – so popular, in fact, that everyone is naming their baby Khaleesi now. Yes, yes, we know that ‘Khaleesi’ is her title and not actually the name of her character, but I’m guessing that if you’re going to call your baby that, subtlety is not your key concern.

n a list released recently by the American Social Security Administration, there were 241 kids named Khaleesi born in the USA this past year, along with 67 named Daenerys, aka the actual name of Emilia Clarke’s character. That means 67 sets of parents are hardcore enough fans that they know the difference, and want to doom their daughters to a life of saying “no, it’s spelled d, a, e …” to people in customer service.

Several other Game Of Thrones names popped up in the report. Last year saw 1135 kids named after the plucky Arya, a breakout character in recent seasons. There were eight kids named Brienne, and fifteen named Theon, but none named after Theon’s sniveling, penis-less alter ego Reek. Poor Reek.

In other Emilia Clarke news, the star has 

just signed on to be in a movie about bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde, alongside X-Men star and Jennifer Lawrence-dater Nicholas Hoult. The film is called Go Down Together, and is is based on a non-fiction book that claims to reveal the “untold story” of the pair. Also, the porn remake basically already has its title.

Clarke has copped some criticism for her performance on Game Of Thrones, which some say is not very expressive or, y’know, good. Who knows what stiff line readings and blank expressions she’ll bring to the role of Bonnie Parker? At a minimum, her acting will be on par with Rihanna in that one Shy Ronnie & Clyde sketch that one time.

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Photo: Jamie McCarthy via Getty Images