Your Hopes Of A ‘Sabrina’ Reunion Show Have Been Shat On By ‘Riverdale’

Sabrina the Teenage Witch first aired a little over 20 years ago. (Feel old yet? You won’t believe what Harvey looks like now!)

If you were hoping for a reunion special though, that’s been shat on by Archie Comics or more specifically, their new ‘Riverdale‘ series on Netflix. While a lot of people know the Sabrina story because of the sitcom that aired from 1996-2003, she actually first appeared in Archie’s Madhouse in 1962. (Yeah, now you’re feeling old.)

KJ Apa
, who plays Archie on Riverdale alongside other comics faves like Betty, Veronica and Jughead, actually dropped the bomb last year by revealing Sabrina would be in the debut season’s last episode.

Look, it’s a great show so far and really marries what we loved about One Tree Hill (small-town mentalities) with Gossip Girl (scandal, student-teacher sex) and Pretty Little Liars (dark teenage dramz). Plus, the offensively hot gingers really don’t hurt – it’s quite the Lucas Scott upgrade imo.

But a former pre-pubescent girl wants what a former pre-pubescent girl wants, and that’s to see Melissa Joan Hart chinwagging with Aunt Zelda and Hilda two decades on.

When PEDESTRIAN.TV asked MJ Hart, now 40, whether or not we’d be seeing a Sabrina The Teenage Witch reboot any time soon (seeing as she’s toyed with the possibility recently), she replied:

“People keep asking about it but there’s nothing going on with it, that I know of anyway. My mother and I had the rights because we produced the show, but the rights have reverted back to the Archie Comics company and they’re doing the show Riverdale – so I think the character will show up on that show Riverdale. But it won’t be me – it’s not the same Sabrina it will be a different-version Sabrina.”

“Because Archie has the rights no one can do it without them doing it – I don’t know that they [the rest of the cast] are interested in doing it – I think because they have this Riverdale thing all their characters are tied up. There’s a lot of red tape – a lot of business stuff to go through with that so I have no idea.”

Tbh it sounded like Riverdale or not, MJH isn’t into the idea of reprising the show that made so many of our school afternoons worthy anyway.

“I just don’t think anyone’s really that interested in making that show. I think the fanbase would like it, but I’m sure they run the numbers somehow and figure that it wouldn’t be worth it. It was very, very, very expensive show to film.”

If the Fuller House and Gilmore Girls revivals are anything to go by, maybe this is a true blessing in disguise. But just to entertain what may have happened, MJH told P.TV that 20 years on, Sabrina’s life would probs entail, “Her and Harvey settled down – maybe divorced – a few kids.

Can confirm: they never hooked up IRL.

As for Salem? Well, despite the fact that the curse he was under should be lifted by now, she told us she’s actually a dog person.

Knew it.

Melissa Joan Hart is in Australia for Oz Comic-Con – you can buy tickets here.

Photo: Sabrina The Teenage Witch.