You Will Believe Who Hollywood’s Highest Paid Female Actor Is

A few weeks back we reported on Forbes list of Hollywood‘s highest paid actors, with Iron Man and all around sardonic superstar Robert Downey Jnr taking home the biggest slice of that particular pie. But curious in their absence from that list were any people of a somewhat more female persuasion. Welp, Forbes has finally gotten around to releasing the list of women in Hollywood who make the most bank. And the results? They’ll be largely unsurprising to anyone who’s taken a passing interest in film over the past 12 months.
On the back of the runaway smash hit of last year Gravity, Sandra Bullock moves up from the previous year’s seventh place to claim the number one spot on the list by an absolute country mile, with financial year earnings of a whopping $51 million. While the wildly successful Hunger Games franchise has propelled everyone’s favourite internet darling Jennifer Lawrence up to second on the list, taking home a cool $34 million.
It’s interesting to note that despite the films the highest earning women starred in pulling just as much as the box office as those films the highest earning men starred in, the combined total of earnings still represents an enormous discrepancy between the genders. The ten highest earning men pulled in a combined $419 million in personal earnings, whilst the women “only” grabbed $226 million – an enormous disparity in pay rates that still exists for whatever mystifying reason.
The full list of bankable broads is below. Like the previous list, figures do not deduct taxes, agent fees, or other “costs of being a celebrity” (really big sunglasses?).
1. Sandra Bullock – $51 million
2. Jennifer Lawrence – $34 million
3. Jennifer Anniston – $31 million
4. Gwyneth Paltrow – $19 million
5. Angelina Jolie – $18 million
6. Cameron Diaz – $18 million
7. Scarlett Johansson – $17 million
8. Amy Adams – $13 million
9. Natalie Portman – $13 million
10. Kristen Stewart – $12 million
Photo: Kevin Winter via Getty Images.