The ‘You’ Reactions Are Coming In Hot On Twitter & The Theories Are Spicy

Netflix’s You and your fave problematic toxic boyfriend Joe, are officially back with season 2. And that means everyone who can wrangle their own TV/laptop during the eternal food coma that is 25th Dec – 31st Jan is bingeing – and reacting accordingly on social media.

[jwplayer tbjWanUh]

There’s not much in the way of reviews as yet, but people are definitely having fun with the trashy-yet-amazing series.

Including recognising how fucking dull Beck has always been. Yep, she’s apparently back in ghost form.

My faves are theories – I have not watched one second as yet due to my family forcing every single rom com in existence on me since Christmas Eve, but I’m still appreciating this overthinking:

Mainly people are smacking themselves over the head for thinking for even a second that Joe was gonna reform himself. Guys – there’s a WHOLE season. Of course he is gonna be right back on his bullshit.

And, naturally, struggling with their intense attraction to the fucking psychopath.

If you’re currently mid-binge, avoid Twitter – there are SOME spoilers around. If you haven’t even started, welcome to the club. Let’s get on it before the real spoilers fly.