You Can Pay Whatever $$$ You Want For Louis CK’s New Live Album

Your deep, strangely intimate love for Louis CK outweighs the sadness you felt when you heard that his self-depreciating, wondrous comedy show ‘Louie’ was on extended hiatus, right? Same. 

Well, you’ve chosen to love well: the man has just realised a new recorded live show (some new material, some old), and he’s decided that he honestly couldn’t give a shit how much you pay for it. He just wants you to have ‘Louis C.K. Live at Madison Square Garden’ on whatever you can afford. But no more than $85, because ‘beyond that, he doesn’t want your crazy money. Not for this show.’
Dear Human Person, 

Hi. This is Louis CK. This is just a note to let you know that I have put a new show up on It’s called “Louis CK live at Madison Square Garden”. The show is exactly what is described there. It’s the audio from my last of 3 shows that I performed at Madison Square Garden early this year. Some of the material is in the Comedy Store Special. Some of it isn’t. But it’s also a fun show on it’s own. BUT since it’s repeated material, I’m giving you the option to set your price anywhere from 1 dollar to 85. The default is 5. I hope you like it. 

There isn’t much else to say. I’m having a pretty nice summer and I hope you are too. I feel pretty good about the planet, the country and my immediate surroundings, even though a lot of things are a huge mess all over the world. It may be selfish, or naive or even calloused to feel pretty good ever about anything when anyone anywhere is having a bad time and there sure are a lot of anyones everywhere having a bad time. But then again if you’re upset all the time because something bad is happening every second, then jesus. I mean… for christ’s sake, take it easy. 

I hope all of you are having a good summer. I hope you’re all relatively okay or better. I hope that nobody shoots anybody today. What are the odds of that? low. But I hope it. 

 Take care 
The show can be downloaded here:
Louis is love. Louis is life. Louis is your friend. Louis is comedian/masturbator. 
via Vulture