Woody Allen Goes Peak Woody Allen In The ‘Irrational Man’ Trailer

Woody Allen has directed far many more feature films over his extensive career than years I have graced this earth; his penchant for the tortured, neurotic, creatively-stumped middle-aged man child and his picturesque soul-seeking through a delightful ingenue cum Manic Pixie Dream Girl knows no bounds. Begin counting the number of films where Woody Allen recreates this formula on screen and you’ll run out of fingers fast. To be completely reductive and to enrage his fans: watch one Woody Allen film and you’ve watched them all.*

Baring no exception to that rule is Woody Allen’s 40-something ish film, ‘Irrational Man’, starring Emma Stone as the ingenue, while Joaquin Phoenix makes his Woody Allen debut as the philosophy professor with a tortured soul.
‘Irrational Man’ will be released in Australia later this year. Watch its first trailer below.
*Save for Blue Jasmine, for Cate Blanchett reasons.
via AV Club.