Woman’s Day Slapped Some Heinous Photoshop On Kate Middleton

Woman’s Day are catching a lot of heat right now thanks to the right royal cock-up of a Photoshop job they did on well-known royal Kate Middleton, who graces the cover of their February issue
To the left is the image from their cover, and to the right is the original, taken at the opening of the Kensington Leisure Centre in London last week. Go ahead and take a look, if you can actually literally even:
As you can see, they’ve enhanced her skin tone, sharpened her features, drawn some extra makeup on, made her earring sparkle, added some patriotic flags and removed the growth resembling a middle-aged man’s head from her shoulder. 
(That last one is an improvement tbh, but you win some, you lose some).
The Sydney Morning Herald‘s Photo and Stating The Obvious Editor says “they’ve overworked the image – they’ve tried to make it pop, make her sparkle, but they’ve given her a really hard look, it does not look normal.”
While the botch job on Kate has pulled much of the attention, spare a thought for poor old mate Hugh ‘Guyliner’ Jackman there on the right, who is one top hat away from being in a Panic! At The Disco cover band. 

Kate is due in April, and her baby will be more rich and powerful than you can ever dream of.
Photo: Woman’s Day / Max Mumby via Getty Images