Win Tickets To Justice Documentary Premiere!

Would you like to travel all over the world and play to thousands of adoring fans? Does the endless pursuit of hedonism sound like a nice way to spend 18 months? Are you into sex, drugs, rock and roll and all that other shit? Would you mind if your hotel room looked like an impromptu American Apparel advertisement filled with lithe, nubile doe-eye beauties craving your attention? Could you snort your way out of fifteen feet of pure white snow?

If you answered yes to any of the above, chances are, like the majority of the population you have aspirations to live the life of a rock star. The only catch of course, is you need musical talent. And seeing as I have none, the closest I can get to “living the dream” is to live vicariously through the new Justice doco and contender for worst pun of the year “Across The Universe”.

Pedestrian has 10 double passes to the Sydney premiere to giveaway so if you want to see the doco in full all you have to do is send the Pedestrian mailout across the universe ie. send it to as many people as possible. The most sends wins the tickets!