Wil Anderson Admits: Gruen’s Return May Cost Banana In Pajama His Job

It’s been two long years, ladies and gents, but at last – tonight’s the night, and Gruen is back on our screens. Same faces, same set (with a lick of new paint) – different name.

“Nobody knows what the fucking name of the show is,” Wil Anderson told P.TV, explaining why, after seasonally rolling through Gruen Transfer, Gruen Nation, Gruen Planet, and Gruen Sweat, and fielding off plebs who think it’s Gruen Project, they’ve landed on ‘the one’.

TBH, it feels like there’s never been a better time to get Anderson, Russel Howcroft and Todd Sampson back on our screens, analysing why we buy shit shit, what bullshit we’re being sold, and just what the shit is happening in Australia, anyway? Shit.

They’re getting right into it tonight, putting Ashley Madison, 7/11, and Border Force / #BorderFarce under the microscope and / or in the oven for a roasting.

“We don’t like to look at things other people have already looked at,” says Anderson. “We go a little deeper.” 

*WINK*. Also, it means they’ve got one of these:

Whoever came up with the Border Force fluffy toy mascot, here – have Australia’s slowest clap.

Also for your delectable consumption in tonight’s episode: Cristiano Ronaldo‘s behemoth $27 million a year in sponno deals, those wonderfully shit ads you only get in rural ‘Straya (here’s looking at you, Rivers) – and pet food.

“To me that’s the most interesting Gruen topic we haven’t covered yet,” says Anderson. “There’s more pets in Australia than there are people, and we spent nearly $3 billion dollars a year on pet food as a nation. It’s a really fascinating topic, because they’re not selling it to the pets, they’re selling it to our insecurities.

“Whether you think you’re a vet person, or you want a sexy ad, or you want your food to have sustainable fish and couscous in it or whatever. That’s selling to us, to human beings. I have to stop my dog from eating his own shit in the back yard; he’s not looking to see if there’s any kale and quinoa in it.”

Maybe not, but Gruen’s gotten pretty fucking fancy now, you guys. They have mugs.

That’s the ABC budget = blown. Right there. Right fucking there.

Will’s devastated. “I think they’re actually having to get rid of one of the Bananas in Pyjamas,” he said. “I think it’s only B2 in the house by himself.” RIP B1. 

Get ready, pals, because Gruen is back on ABC at 8:30pm tonight!

Also: #NeverForget

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