Who Are The Marketing Team For ‘The Emoji Movie’ & Why Have They Done This

It may shock you to learn that the marketing campaign for The Emoji Movie – a film which, I stress, is about emojis – is generally not being received so well. Even the most uncynical consumer can only perceive this film as a truly demented manifestation of capitalism in its death throes.

(Well, it might have been trumped on that front by the Apple-produced The Rock / Siri movie.)
The current marketing strategy, which is truly genius and groundbreaking, involves social media parodies of popular films and TV shows, with emojis playing the main roles. Fun! Great! They did not research this very well at all:

Ah yes, nothing better to promote your fun happy family film than a parody of a very heavy TV series about theocracy, patriarchy and rape. I think its the fact they selected the insane grinning emoji for the face of the handmaid here that really seals the deal for me.
The post was made over the weekend, but Emoji Movie news moves slow – and people are only just getting around to roasting it. We all have busy lives, okay?

Marketing teams. Please. Do a quick Wiki search. It’s so easy these days.
Source: Twitter.
Photo: The Emoji Movie.