Tell Us Why You Wanna Live By Yourself In A Swamp & You Could Win Tix To Where The Crawdads Sing

where the crawdads sing

Where the Crawdads Sing is a hectic murder mystery and fascinating exploration of love and survival but let me be real with you: I deeply appreciate the weight of what this story tackles. I do.

Here’s the thing though. Where the Crawdads Sing kinda really made me wanna go live in a swamp by myself and just…sell mussels for a living. Enough internet. Enough scrolling, enough hot-takes, enough TikTok dances, enough MAFS. Yeah, even MAFS.

I have had it up to here with society and its rules. Please just let me go serenely boat my way through the beautiful Carolina marshland until the end of time.

WIN: Tell Us Why You Wanna Live By Yourself In A Swamp & You May Nab Tix To Where The Crawdad’s Sing

If you can tell us exactly why you wanna go full Bear Grylls and live alone in a swamp, you could win tix to Where the Crawdads Sing and get a little taste of what your wildest swampy dreams could look like (hopefully yours feature less murder though).

Starring Daisy Edgar-Jones of Normal People and featuring a brand new Taylor Swift song ‘Carolina’, Where the Crawdads Sing will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The film is based on the global bestselling novel by Delia Owens and is produced by icon Reese Witherspoon and her production company Hello Sunshine. 

Talk about a dream team.

Where the Crawdads Sing follows the life of Kya, a young girl abandoned by her family and growing up isolated in North Carolina marshland in the 50s/60s.

Kya is obviously a total #girlboss (sorry). She fends for herself from childhood in the harsh landscape and ignores the cruel townspeople who bully her. Things take a turn for the worse for Kya when she gets accused of murder.

That escalated quickly, I know.

But did she do it? Not very girlboss of her if she did…but maybe she didn’t. Maybe she did! Hehe I’m not telling.

Make sure you catch Where the Crawdads Sing in cinemas from July 21.

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