What Is Ian Thorpe’s Big Announcement?

UPDATE via The Australian OLYMPIC great Ian Thorpe has announced that he is ending his four-year retirement with the aim of competing at next year’s London Olympics. Thorpe announced his comeback to the national media in Sydney today, ending months of speculation sparked by his return to the training pool as part of a get-fit campaign. Now you can entirely ignore everything below.

Ian Thorpe is holding a press conference today at midday and people are frothing with anticipation as to what kind of momentous reveal might be on the way. Hopefully no more pearl and leather unisex accessories.

The majority of buzz is surrounding the prospect of a return to professional swimming and that he’ll announce his participation in the 2012 London Olympics trials. At 28 years of age Thorpedo still has a few years on Geoff ‘Skippy’ Huegill who bounced back after swallowing a sheep to win gold and clock a personal best time at the 2010 Commonwealth Games when he was 31. Michael Jordan overcame gambling rumours, loss of inspiration and Space Jam to make two comebacks into the NBA. Andre Agassi was down and out smoking meth and sucking at tennis in 1997 before coming back the following year with such a rare he went from World No. 110 to No. 6 in less than 12 months.

Sure Thorpey could make a comeback – and people definitely care more about ‘Aussie Gold’ than they do Ian Thorpe; but that’s not necessarily what the announcement is about. Maybe he’s adopting a baby. Maybe he’s getting married. Maybe he’s coming out. Maybe it has something to do with his charity work. Maybe he’s donating a shitload of cash to flood relief. Maybe he’s joining the pro golf tour. Maybe he’s starring in a Bollywood film.

All we can really know for certain is that Bruce McAvaney is getting stoked.

Main Image by: Greg Wood via Getty