Shockingly, That ‘Westworld’ S2 Trailer Contained A Huge Easter Egg

After two long years, we finally got a glimpse at Westworld‘s second season during the Super Bowl yesterday, and already – yes, already – someone has found a giant Easter Egg.

Reddit user Askin1 discovered that if you pause the trailer at 33 seconds in, you see a series of white bars engraved onto the glass behind the robot bison.

That’s actually binary, which as Askin1 pointed out, decodes to That…uhh…. somehow leads to a website called (I do not understand binary, please do not explain it to me.)

If you recall, Delos is the name of the company within Westworld that operates the parks. So when you go to the website, it looks like any other luxe company website, albeit with references to “immersive worlds” and “the chance to change your story”, which is corporate speakfor “give us loads of money and come fuck a robot”.

But again, as the Redditor points out, you can navigate your way to a blood-spattered corporate guidebook… thing.

Yeah this looks great.

Nothing to see here!!!!

Nah honestly I reckon you’re fine.

And THEN (oh yes, there’s more), you can ask the chatbot about what you’ve seen. ‘Aiden‘ will answer with an ominous, “No guidebook will save you” before a ‘JOURNEY INTO NIGHT’ error message pops up. After that, Aiden is back to normal, reassuring you that everything’s perfectly fine.

Specifically, that error message is ‘ERR//teBouYrvehoeWnaW’, which as Redditor SheStillMay pointed out, is an anagram of ‘Be Whoever You Want‘.

Guess the robots are breaking the fuck outta there. Season two is going to be WILD.