Wes Anderson’s Next Film To Be Stop-Motion About Dogs, Details Reveal

Off the back of The Grand Budapest Hotel‘s roaring, critically-acclaimed success, old mate Wes Anderson has set himself up with a brutally hard act to follow, even by his own flawless, pastel-laden, corduroy-heavy standards. 

Word on Anderson’s next film has been relatively moot for some time, apart from whiffs of rumours about an anthology inspired by legendary Italian neo-realist Vittorio De Sica (Bicycle Thieves). 

According to Indiewire, that anthology may still be on the cards; an animated, stop-motion film about dogs, however, is set to be Anderson’s next release. 

Dogs as the film’s subject matter proves to be a curious choice for Anderson – so known for his poor treatment of dog characters in his films, that The New Yorker once asked in 2012, “Does Wes Anderson hate dogs?” 

While there’s no official confirmation on the project from the director himself, they pretty much had us at “Wes Anderson” for this one. 

Via IndieWire.